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Our organization started as a therapeutic office in February 2001 offering care to children with disabilities. After two years and according to the increase in users, it became "Centro Terapéutico Impronta" on August 15, 2003, expanding the coverage of its services, serving children, youth and adults, and incorporating new therapeutic programs. On March 8, 2005, "Centro Terapéutico Impronta" is constituted by "cámara de comercio"; and nine months later, on December 15, 2005, the constitution act was created as "Fundación Centro Terapéutico Impronta Ips", and finally on December 30, 2008, the health qualification is obtained by "Secretaria de Salud Departamental del Valle del Cauca".


In the year 2021, "La Fundación Centro Terapéutico Impronta IPS", will be recognized as the leading institution in the south west of Colombia in promotion and rehabilitation according to quality standards in neurodevelopment, neurorehabilitation and mental health programs focused on social inclusion with a predominance of people With specific needs.


At "Fundación Centro Terapéutico Impronta IPS" we offer a therapeutic service from an interdisciplinary approach in neurodevelopment, neurorehabilitation and mental health programs, focused on social inclusion with a predominance of people with specific needs, committed to continuous improvement, innovation and humanization of health services through teamwork of a qualified human talent.

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